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Reply from Karl_Rockwell_Consulting on Jan 3 at 3:41 PM
Changing VBAK values will not automatically change characteristics through dependencies from reference characteristics as you now know. Here are a couple other options:

1. If you have business function set DIMP activated, you can use the mill products solution to use global items and inheritance to copy characteristic values to multiple others which will also invoke the dependencies. Find the IMG activities within sales and distribution.

2. By using BOM or SET, you can maintain characteristics at the top level item and inherit them at lower level items with $parent and $root in your procedure syntax.

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From: Nello Nap
Sent: Monday, December 19, 2011 11:43 AM
Subject: Variant Configuration and Header Info

Hello !
I've the following need:

In an SD document, I've a lot of configurable positions and all that positions have the characteristic "Colour" (among the others). I need to change with "one touch" the value of Colour caracteristic of all positions (i.e. if the customer changes idea).

My idea was to associate the colour values to a field of VBAK (i.e. VSNMR_V), to re-create "Colour" as a reference characteristic of VBAK-VSNMR_V, so that when I update the VSNMR_V in VA01/VA02, the value is updated in all positions.

I tried this solution, but I found 2 problems:

1) when I link a material to the values of caracteristic (by CS02), the material is correctly attached to the position only the first time, but when i start to change the VBAK-VSNMR_V value, I find the correct value in cofiguration, but the material is not attached;
This problem doesn't occur when i use normal characteristics (not reference ones).

2) Even if i solve problem 1, I think that I have to enter in each position/configuration to make the attached materials and the price changed and so the problem is present again.

What solution do you suggest ?
Kind regards.

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