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Hi saps,

This is a case of STO (stock transfer order).

Members have given information about configuring the process. Also documentation about STO (both intra and inter company) is available on the Internet.

To give you a business example, in connection to your question -
1. Manufacturing -
There is a central distribution center in the Netherlands, in Western Europe of an electronic manufacturing company (e.g Sony).
There are several small warehouses in Germany. From these several warehouses the electronic equipments shall be transported to the Electronic retail outlets.

Thus material has to be sent from this ONE central warehouse to many small warehouses, this can be mapped in SAP as STO.

2. Returns -
Retailers all over Germany send the goods back to these small warehouses, if there are quality issues with the electronics items.
These goods go from ALL these small warehouses to the central warehouse in the Netherlands.
This is also STO process.

So STO is the physical movement of goods from one plant to another and it could be in both directions (as described above).

If you have specific questions, then please inform.

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Hi Mr.Rushi,

Please clarify your qn. Why do you need a supplying plant and a receiving plant? Is it for manufacturing and returns? What configuration exactly are you looking into?

Thanks and regards,

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