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Reply from Eklavya on Jan 18 at 2:27 AM
HI Siewhing,

It would be great if you would elaborate on how you solved the issue.

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Subject: Sales Order with Finance Doc No and Payment Guarantee Procedure

Dear SD Experts,
I need advice on the below requirement with existing Credit Management on Sales Order.
Addition checking on Bank Guarantee Validity period is required where if validity expired, there should have credit block.

I have setup Finance Document with the follow configuration in Sales & Distribution --> Foreign Trade/Customs --> Documentary Payments
- Finance Document Type:04
- Payment Guarantee :04
- Payment Guarantee category:0 Finance document
- Finance Doc type : 0 others

Finance document with request date, open date and date of receipt in the past and Validity end date was yesterday and status = D - document is available and can be used.
The customer is assigned with Payment Guarantee:04.and credit limit used = 75%

During sales order creation and upon saving the order, there is no credit block message at all. Same for outbound delivery creation and PGI at the same day.
However, if the order was created the same day in va01, if I go to va02 the next day, there Credit Block message exist.
Is there any configuration that I have missed out in va01 for checking the finance doc no validity date upon saving the sales order in va01?

Thanks for any advice.

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