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Reply from sarat on Jan 26 at 8:13 AM
Dear Typewriter,

I concur with you regarding the fact that, clients have the final say. However, they would insist on the process and not on how we would do it. I'm sure a client will never tell a consultant to use a delivery type w/o ref to sales order for transfer of stock between his plants. I would be surprised if a client first of all knows if there is a process in SAP like the one above. The reason behind me asking that question in my previous post is to ascertain the logic/reason for following that particular process. Even if the client insists that it has to be that way, there would be a reason isn't it?

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Subject: Pricing in Outbound Delivery Without Ref to Sales Order


I am creating a delivery without ref to sales order. I need to do pricing in the delivery for the material sold.

1 ) I have never done the above. Can someone tell what are the config steps for the same and what is the t code to create condition records (is it same as VK11 ).

2 ) Secondly I need to carry the pricing in the delivery to the proform invoice created with ref to delivery. How to do the same?


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