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Please explain -
"I created another partner function goods receipt as 'GR' with sub partner function as 'SH'"

1. Why did you name this partner function as goods receipt GR?
2. Sub partner function, please explain this in more detail.

Related to point1 - In my opinion GR would be a copy of SH. If GR is called goods receipt it is not clearly communicating that this partner function is the delivery address of the customer.

Please do not apologize!
Reiterating / repeating an idea too has value in the learning process of many.
Having said that, as a consultant one has to read efficiently and carefully all the material, before / while contributing to a team; to ensure that one is adding value and giving quality advice (to the team or to the client or....) in the process of finding the best solution - in SAP - for the client.

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I created another partner function goods receipt as 'GR' with sub partner function as 'SH' and gave it the unique key. Now, I can have two partner functions SH and GR which has one unique ship-to party and one non-unique ship-to party. We can now assign GR to one and SH to another.

Sorry Mr. Typewriter I did not check that you had already mentioned this idea.

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