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Reply from sarat on Jan 21 at 1:43 PM
Dear Mr. Typewriter,

Please let me know if I understood your requirement correctly.

You want to create two sets of customers, where in for one set, you should only be able to enter one ship to party. In the other, you can have multiple ship to parties. Am I right in understanding your requirement.

For that, for set one, we create account group z001. SH party is mandatory and unique. This will make it mandatory to enter the SH while creating CMR.

For the other set of customers we create account group Z002. SH is only mandatory and not unique. By this we can create more than one SH if required.

I tried this and it is working fine. Please let me know if I understood you correctly.

By the way, I didn't understand your concept of creating two partner functions, one a copy of SH in the same partner determination procedure. I that case, you can create multiple SH even though your requirement for one set is not to allow more than one SH.

Warm regards,

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Subject: Partner Function SH Already Exists

Hi Sarat,

If both the partner procedures have SH as ship to party function in them, then it is not possible to meet the business requirement.

As explained by saps and by me in my previous post, two different partner functions have to be created e.g. SH and ZH, in my previous post; here ZH is a copy of SH, each procedure has to have a different partner function denoting ShipTo party.

SH = Ship-to party
ZH = Ship-to party 2

One of the partner functions i.e. SH is activated for Uniqueness and the other partner function ZH is de-activated for Uniqueness. Then the business requirement would be met.

I hope my post is clear.

Please give your comments.

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