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Hi saps,

To understand the conceptual difference between the two.

Reason for rejection -
If user wants to "reject" a particular line item, then reason for rejection is used.
E.g. Customer has placed an order for 10EA of TVs. The supplier (S1) inturn has created a sales order.
Few days later the customer finds another supplier (S2) who can sell the same material at a lower price. The customer would then CANCEL the sales order placed with S1.
In this case a reason for rejection would be entered in that line item of that sales order. "Competitor prices are better"

By putting the reason for rejection delivery can NOT be created.

Order Reason -
If user wants to note WHY / the reason for the creation of the order, then Order reason is used.
E.g. The selling company gave free samples to its potential customers.
After trying these free samples, customers placed sales orders. For these sales orders, the Order Reason - in the sales orders - was noted as "Free Sample"
Later on the management could analyze the return on investment w.r.t. this marketing strategy (i.e. Free sample).

Thus in standard sales orders, Order reason is used to differentiate or segregate a "group" of sales orders from the rest of sales orders.
Could be for management analysis, later on.

User195964 is talking about Order reason and not Reason for rejection.
Taking that particular example of User19 "damage in transit"

A sales order of 50 TV was created. During delivery there was an accident and the TVs were damaged.
The company decided NOT to supply these damaged TVs to its customer.
Thus the company created a new sales order, here in the Order reason "damaged in transit" was noted.
When in future management would refer to this sales order, it would be clear WHY this sales order was created.

Thank you for testing the various scenarios!

After doing these scenarios, we can conclude some of the difference between Reason for rejection and Order reason -
1. With reason for rejection the creation of subsequent documents is NOT possible.
With Order reason creation of subsequent documents is possible.

2. After a subsequent document is created, then it is not possible to put Reason for rejection in the sales order.
On the other hand, Order reason can be put in the sales order, even after subsequent documents are created.

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Hi Mr.Typewriter,

I guess I messed it up.

As Mr. User195964 answered, The 'Reason for rejection' is w.r.t. returns or credit memo.

When we use 'R. for rejection', teh delivery gets blocked.

Tests -
1- Create a sales order with 1 line item, put reason for rejection. Try to create a delivery. What is the result?

A: Delivery is not created.

2- Create a sales order with 2 line items, put reason for rejection ONLY in the first line item. Create a delivery. What is the result?

A: The first delivery is created.

3- Create a sales order with 1 line item. create delivery.
Go to VA02, try to put reason for rejection in the line item of the sales order. Can you do that?

A: No. If I just saved the delivery without PGI, I am able to change in the sales order.

4- in 3, delete the delivery. then go to Go to VA02, try to put reason for rejection in the line item of the sales order. Can you do that?

A: Yes. I am able to do it.

Thanks a lot for the scenarios Mr.Typewriter.

Thanks and regards,

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