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Hi cnsathay,

Financial Accounting>Account Recievable and Account Payable>Customer Accounts>Master Data>Preparation for creating Customer Master Data
Define Account groups with Screen Layout (Customers)
Account group 0002
Sales data>Billing
Make Incoterms a required field.

Then in XD01, for SH cmrs, give incoterms.

(take for example -
SH1 = Within state
SH2 = Outside state)

E.g. SH1 = DDP

In VA01, for -
Item #10 - M1 - SH1, incoterms = DDP
Item#20 - M1 - SH2, incoterms = DDU
Header could have SH1, that means - by default - ALL line items in the sales order shall have shipto party as SH1 and incoterms as DDP. For Item#20, the Shipto party has to be manually changed to SH2.

Please test this and reply with test results.

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Subject: More the two incoterms


Is it possible to have more the two incoterms for a material (same material)


(1) Within state
(2) Outside state
(3) Urgent


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