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Hi Matthew,

Very good post! Thank you for it.
I have marked your post as helpful.

In a sales order, VA01, a user can see the material account group (at line item level), Tab Billing Document. But the customer account group is NOT visible (at header level). Why?


Please ask this question in the MM forum.

In SD - as mentioned by Matthew - NO information related to account determination (e.g. customer account assignment group, material acc. assignment group) can be "manually entered" (it is defaulted from master data - e.g. CMR, MMR etc. & from pricing procedure) in the sales document (e.g. inquiry, sales order, delivery etc.)

In your post you mention -
"entering data into account assignment in Purchase Requisition"
This can not be done in SD (as explained above).
Thus - maybe - members in MM forum might be able to help you.

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Subject: How to Change Grayed Out Field in SAP

SAP applies 'locks' at essentially the document or material level.

A greyed out field is SAP's way of telling the user that the field is not
editable at that time.

Two of the most common scenarios:
1) Subsequent documents have been created. i.e. You've created the delivery
from a sales order item, so you can't edit most fields associated with that
sales order item

2) Not a changeable field after document create. Certain fields, like a
document type are not changeable after the document has been saved; it is
only changeable on create.

A third type of field is a field which is determined by SAP based on
information on the document, but is merely displayed for informational
purposes. This sounds like the scenario you have. The G/L account is shown
for info purposes, not changing purposes. (But I'm not an MM guy.)


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