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Hi saps,

As suggested earlier, I request you to NOT leave this concept here. Go ahead and give this concept 7 days of thought and practice.

1- Evaluate the different Distribution channels (Internet, Wholesale, Retail etc. etc.), in your organization and in the SAP test system
2- Which pricing conditions are dependent upon the Distribution channel? Have at least 5 condition types and how they "behave" with regards to each distribution channel
E.g. K004 = 100Euros - (discount) for d channel Internet ONLY
3- By understanding point 2, find out which distribution channels can be grouped together and assigned to a Reference distribution channel
4- Point 2 shall also impact the formulation of a condition table

"Just" understanding a concept (like this one) is insufficient to implement it in real-time scenario.

If you have suggestions, questions; please do convey them.

All the best!

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Thanks all! I got it :)

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