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what are the key fields maintained in your?Access sequence &?any Requirement for the field is maintained as exclusive for that table 970


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From: Reena Anirudh
Sent: Tuesday, August 02, 2011 8:40 AM
Subject: Access sequence in rebate processing


I have a total of 60 steps in my rebate access sequence ZRAG with condition tables 601 to 606. I have created a new table 970 and added this as step no. 35 in my rebate access sequence ZRAG. Same has been added to the node "Assign Condition Types/Tables to Condition Type Groups" in SPRO against the relevant Condition Type Group and Condition Type.

My issue is when I create a rebate agreement and maintain the rebate condition records, this newly added access is shown as the last one where as I have added it in the fourth place in my access sequence. I want this new access at the fourth place instead of the last.

Can someone guide me how to get this new access at the fourth place?



Reena Anirudh Nair

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