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Reply from Sean_XJ on Jan 30 at 1:46 PM
Hi Tung

The Sales Order and Customer (Credit Account) is not on hold,
the MAD is 02/05/2011,
Sales Order is created on 01/24/2011
the Horizon Date of the Credit Account is 01/24/2013
Risk Category of the credit account is LST
The satus of the SO is completed

The VBAK-CMNGV of this SO is "00/00/0000", however when run the VKM4,
the next date is showing as "02/01/2011".
I checked the all Notes as suggested but could not find any clue.

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From: Tung Ho
Sent: Monday, January 30, 2012 1:11 PM
Subject: VKM4 Next Date Field

Hello Koki -- Is the sales order / Customer on credit hold? What is the earliest MAD (material availability date on the sales order? What is the credit horizon set to for the customer on the sales order you are inquiring? Check the risk category config for the customer...

SAP Note: 588649 should help give you a better idea of how the next date field work.


Take a look the following SAP Note:


Tung Ho

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