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Reply from jim-wolfe on Jan 11 at 10:48 AM
Here are some notes that I had created at one time on how to create an LSMW for customer master loads, so these would have to be modified for pricing. Also, these were from a 4.6 system, and the steps are slightly different for more recent versions.

Example: Mass update customer group in customer master
Load data via Excel, including all variable fields, e.g. customer, sales org, & customer group. then save as a tab-limited text file on harddrive
TCode = LSMW. Create a project, subproject & object by clicking on the blank page icon. Click on execute
Maintain object attributes -
i. click on display <-> change (do this on all options)
ii. Object = 0050 (Customer Master)
iii. Method = 0000 (default)
iv. Save & back (do this on most options)
Maintain source structures -
i. click on blank page
ii. enter name & description

Maintain source fields - used to label fields in source file
i. click on blank page
ii. enter each field & format
Maintain structure relations -
i. identify structures to be updated by double-clicking on each
ii. For customer master, BGR00, BKN00, BKNA1 are required
Maintain field mapping and conversion rules -
i. For constant values, e.g. tcode, distribution channel & division click on field name, then Constant
ii. For variables that will come from source file, click on field name, then Source Field (blank page icon).
iii. Select source field from window
Maintain fixed values, translations, user-defined routines - not used
Specify files - specify location of source files
i. Legacy data - On the PC (frontend) - files located on user's harddrive - click on line then blank page icon
ii. In window, enter file location,e.g c:\custmast.txt, description, click on tabulator, leave other defaults as is
Assign files - not needed
Read data - enter record #'s in source file to be read. If source file contains column headers, from value in Transaction Number should be 2.
Display read data - specify rows of read data
i. enter 1 in the From line box & the number of rows in source file in the To line box.
ii. double-click on line to parse data
Convert data - enter same from/to values as previous step
Display converted data - verify that data appears correctly in each structure- enter 1 to 9999.
Create batch input session - use defaulted File Path Name
Run Batch Input session

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How to do this via LSMW? Can you please explain?


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