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Reply from avinashkumarreddy on Jan 6 at 4:11 AM
Through condition records it is possible in condition record view (VK11) we
can maintain "condition update " in that we can maintain.

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From: Sridharan Rajagopalan
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Subject: Maintain Orders with Discounts


To keep count of the sales order and apply discount based on the no of sales
orders, you have to create a routine in VOFM.The routine should be assigned
to the condition type in the requirements column of the particular pricing

This routine should refer to the table VBAK for the sales orders for the
corresponding customer. The logic should be that the routine should count
the no.of sales orders within a specified date range giving the customer
number as input to the VBAK table. With the result of table the logic
should compare it with the scale hard coded in your logic and accordingly
the discount should be applied in the pricing procedure.

Hope this will meet your business requirement.Looking forward for any
better suggestions.


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