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Reply from jim mcdowall on Jan 19 at 2:15 AM
You won't be able to process or stock the handling units in any location they can only be processed in a storage location which has been set up with Handling Unit Management switched on to be able to take such materials. We did an exercise in which we copied our main storage location, IE we had a WM storage location called VETN and copied the config to HETN and switched on Handling Unit Management for the HETN location this way we can stock handling units in the same warehouse and bins only they will show in a different storage location for that same bin location.

Hope this helps.

Jim McDowall

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I need some help in understanding the advantage of maintaining HU managed storage location vs. non HU managed storage location.

Can someone help me understand the pros and cons of the same?

If we use Handling units in the delivery while using non HU managed storage location what is the functionality of HUM not being utilized.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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