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This error is sometimes caused by incomplete configuration of the access sequence. In V/07, be sure you click down to the lowest level, i.e. "Fields", and complete the configuration that relates the fields in the condition table to the document fields.

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Hi SugarCoatedPills,

1. Check WHAT is the pricing procedure in your Inquiry, VA12, Header level, Tab Sales, field Pricing procedure.
Note - RRAA01 pricing procedure does NOT exist in standard SAP SD.

2. For that pricing procedure check in V/08, if condition types M004, M007 exist..
FYI - In Sales & distribution, e.g. inquiry condition types M004, M007 do NOT exist. In place of these condition types there are K004 and K007.

3. The condition types those are to be used in the inquiry. Create the condition records for them in VK11 (e.g. PR00, K004, K007 etc.)
Thereafter create a new inquiry and test if the error is appearing.

4. Helpful would be - Button "Analysis"
In VK12, for that inquiry, go to the Header level, click on button "Analysis" check for which condition type, the error description.
Go and check the condition record in VK12 for that condition type.

5. What is the pricing procedure you are using for Sales order creation? Is user getting any errors in the sales order related to pricing?

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