Re: [sap-log-sd] FD32 Update Credit Block

Reply from hovering_yogi on Jan 19 at 9:32 AM
Don't think that would work though would it as the date on the document
wont have been populated when it was created?

I don't see the requirement as very worthwhile though as surely if you are
putting someone on credit check its for a reason and if an existing open
document fails that check it makes sense to block it (which presumably must
have been done by a batch job run of RVKRED09 in this case) and besides the
effort to unblock the occasional document if the credit rep chooses too is
hardly any significant effort.

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Subject: FD32 Update Credit Block


In the transaction OVA8, you can use the field "Number of days" (in the released documents are still unchecked section) and maintain a number here.

The system does not carry out credit check if the current date is not greater than the original release date plus the number of days specified here.

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