Re: [sap-log-sd] Customer Rebate Processing in a Centralized Billing Scenario

Reply from PSD Rajan on Jan 20 at 9:38 AM
It is a centralized billing scenario where, for various business reasons,
only one legal entity does the order processing and billing for itself and
a bunch of other legal entities within the same group. It is different
from regular interco sourcing in the sense that the sale truly belongs to
the delivering legal entity and the billing entity makes a small 'profit'
for the services (effected by the transfer price in the interco billing).
Now, in this scenario, the rebate expense and accrual also should be
transferred to the delivering entity (currently done manually, but not
efficiently, as a month end accounting entry). However, since the Accounts
Receivable sits in the billing entity, the rebate payment to the customer
must be made from the billing entity , and the delivering entity should
eventually pay the billing entity the rebate so paid. Eventually, it is a
bunch of inter-co adjustment entries in accounting.
This is the current scenario. I am not claiming that the procedure
is appropriate or not (the process is valid). I am essentially seeking to
create a business process procedure for Customer Rebates in Centralized
Billing scenario.

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Subject: Customer Rebate Processing in a Centralized Billing Scenario


If I have understood your requirement correctly, you want to create rebate
agreement, billing document, rebate settlements in one sales organization
and post the rebate expenses/accruals/settlements in another sales area?

Is this your requirement? Please explain your business scenario in detail
and why so?


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