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Reply from hovering_yogi on Jan 10 at 11:31 AM
Changing things so they can never be changed is always a bit iffy though
isn't it as you can never tell when such a change might be needed.

If you look at your credit management setup though (assuming you use it)
the critical fields check does check for a change in payment terms and
would refer the order for release by a credit rep.

Wouldn't that be secure enough?

The only downside is SAP falsely reports document as being wrong if you use
multiple divisions and have differing payment terms across the divisions
but it's not too hard to fix (although it is a modification as SAP refer to
accept it as a bug even though it clearly is!)

Of course if you aren't actively using credit management this idea is
useless to you and you are in the land of some bespoke coding in the
appropriate user exits for the screens concerned.

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From: Mike Kriley
Sent: Tuesday, January 10, 2012 8:57 AM
Subject: Change Payment Terms for Customer and Vendor

All, thanks for the info but what I need is when the clerk goes into either VA01 or ME21N to create a sales order or purchase order respectively. I want the payment terms to be greyed out so that they don't have the ability to change them. The payment terms default automatically from what was created by finance and they can't change it.

In OB20 it changes it for t-code FD02, what finance uses to determine pymt terms for that customer, to Suppress, Req'd, Opt, or Display.

Any other ideas would be helpful.


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