Re: [sap-log-sd] Block All Sales Orders at the Moment of Creation

Reply from vipinkhapre on Jan 10 at 10:52 PM

If you want to block sales order and then authorized person will release it
it can be done through status profile.
Use Tcode BS02 or SPRO>sales & distribution>sales document>define and
assign status profile.

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From: Sarat Sathuluri
Sent: Tuesday, January 10, 2012 3:49 PM
Subject: Block All Sales Orders at the Moment of Creation

Dear Daniel,

You can block creation of sales order based on customer or document type. Your below explanation doesn't point out exact requirement.

Are you planning to block all sales orders in a sales organisation? Can you please share the reason? When you don't want to save an order, why create it in the first place? Often, what we think is a solution for a problem is not always a solution. Some of the experts might be able to suggest you better solution.

Warm regards,

"Your attempt may fail, but never fail to make an attempt."

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