[sap-log-sd] Unable to ini using NT Tape Support

Question from Kumar on Dec 16 at 1:11 AM
Dear All,
I am getting the below error suddenly. When taking the backup on tape drive via db13.
Please suggest.

BR0278W Command output of 'I: && cd I:\oracle\PRD\sapreorg && :
cpio: unable to ini using NT tape support
Volume 1: 0 blocks
Insert1: 0 blocks
Insert volume #2, volume #2, hit return
BR02 Command output of 'I: && cd II:\oracle\PRD\sapreorg && brtools -fRD\sapreorg && brtools -f dRD\sapreorg && btape.hdr0':
cpio: Unable te.hdr0':
cppio: Unable to opepio: Unable to open terminal "CONIN$": Access is denied.
0 blocks
BRamp: 2011-12-16 11.07.2amp: 2011-12-16 11.07.23
BR0279E Returom 'I: &&om 'I: && cd I:\oracle\PRD\sapreorg && brtools -f detach cpio -iuvB -I /dev/nmt0 .tape.hdr0': 1
BR0359E Restore of I:\oracle\PRD\sapreorg\.tape.hdr0 from /dev/nmt0 failed due to previous errors
BR0218E red
BR0016I 0 offline redo log files processed, total size 0.000 MB
otal size 0.000 MB

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