[sap-log-sd] Manual discount condition configured to be negative but appearing positive in sales order?

Question from adrianolopez on Dec 18 at 9:26 AM
Hello all,

I have a manual discount condition type as follows:
1) Condn class : A disc/sur
2) Calc type: A percentage
3) Plus/Minus: X minus
Changes which can be made:
4) C = Manual has priority
5) Item condition
6) Delete
7) Most importantly, Amount/percentage box checked to allow user enter percentage or flat amount both.

When I enter % in 'Amount' column in VA01 (credit memo) item conditions, the amount appears as negative and decreases the document value which is perfectly fine and as expected.

But unfortunately, when I enter a flat amount in 'Condition value' column, the amount becomes positive and increases the document value.

What is missing here? Please suggest.
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