RE:[sap-log-sd] What is 'release status' in pricing table eg. table 304?

Reply from saps on Dec 31 at 9:19 PM
Hi Mr.Adriano,

Let us take an example here. Let us consider that the price for a product A is EUR 10 now. We have monthly price fluctuations and if suppose today is the last working day of the month and you have decided that from the next working day, which is the start of the month, the price should be EUR 11. So, we set the price on 30th itself and 'lock' the status of the price today, so that it gets 'released' tomorrow and the price EUR 11 does not reflect on 30th, but only on 1st.

The release status was an added feature. Prior to this, we had Access sequence PR00 with no release status. The latest pricing procedure has acc. seq. PR02, which has a release status.

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Subject: What is 'release status' in pricing table eg. table 304?

Hello experts,

What do we mean by released status in pricing. For example, in table 304 we have release status check box.

In real business scenario, when do we use release status?


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