RE:[sap-log-sd] Using Copy Control for Customer Group 2 Field.

Posted by vikram1
on Dec 7 at 1:15 AM
Thanks a lot for your help. I will do this.

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From: vikram1
Sent: Monday, December 05, 2011 11:05 PM
Subject: Using Copy Control for Customer Group 2 Field.

We are using the Customer Group 2 field (KVGR2) as our "Customer Channel" with values assigned that let us differentiate between direct and indirect customers. We have multiple classification of indirect .The values are assigned in the customer master (additional data screen) and these get copied automatically into new order.

We're having a problem with new documents that get created with reference to older documents. If the older document doesn't have a value in this field (VBAK-KVGR2) then the field will also be blank on the new document. I'd like to put something into copy control to handle this situation. If the field is blank on the source document then we should populate the field on the new document based on the current master data value. Can someone provide me with the logic to do this and also the estimate?

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