RE:[sap-log-sd] SKTO Condition Type: Cash Discount Base Not Equal to Invoice Output

Posted by Typewriter
on Dec 4 at 8:33 AM

As per my understanding, the value of SKTO in your sales orer shall be the FIRST payment rate of the payment terms.
If payment done before 15 days, discount 3%
If payment done before 30 days, discount 2%
If payment done before 45 days, discount 1%

So during creation of sales order, SKTO shall be 3% of value.
But if customer is paying after 30days and before 45days, then the posting of the discount value would be 1% (and NOT 3%, as "noted" / shown in the sales order).

Please check the number of days taken by the customer for payment and your Payment terms.

If you question is something else, please give an example.

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From: Ranjana C
Sent: Saturday, December 03, 2011 2:06 PM
Subject: SKTO Condition Type: Cash Discount Base Not Equal to Invoice Output

We found a discrepancy between the Cash Discount calculated in SD and the amounts posted on the customer account. We weren't able to identify the reason why here the Discount Base and the amount is different.

Based on our initial analysis the base amount for the condition for the cash discount calculation is coming incorrect as it shall be the invoiced amount.

The invoice amount shall get populated in the cash discount base amount and we have seen some example for the same customer with the same condition type SKTO where the invoice amount was correctly populated in the cash discount base amount.

System is working fine for most of the items for the cash discount calculation but for few items as mentioned by the user the cash discount base amount is being incorrectly calculated. For all the invoices whether the populated amount of invoice output is correct or incorrect, the condition type is SKTO.

What is the root cause for this discrepancy? Is the solution lies with condition type calculation for SKTO? How we check that?

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