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Posted by Typewriter
on Dec 8 at 4:19 AM
Hi Saps,

Please do two tests, if the answer is still unclear then I would further explain.

1. In VOV5, delete the schedule line category CD, from item category TAD. Now create a sales order with a service item. What do you observe in the sales order? also w.r.t. delivery date? check Tab Schedule at item level.

2. In VOV7, for TAD, deactivate field "Schedule line Allowed". Now create sales order and check the effects.

Also see / observe the inquiry process where delivery is NOT done. But there too item category AFX has a schedule line category AT.

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Subject: Service Item - Schedule Line Category


Why do we have the scheduled Line Category CD for service item, when there is no delivery, no movement type or anything written for CD.


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