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Posted by Keith
on Dec 6 at 7:47 AM
If I understand your question correctly, you have changed the availability check group on the material master and now you want to have this new scope of check take effect. Example Material 1 has a check group of YY on the MRP 3 view. You have changed this value to ZZ. If that is the case you will need to reject and re-add the line items for the new check group to take effect.

Hope this helps.

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From: Dutch
Sent: Thursday, December 01, 2011 9:12 PM
Subject: Scope of Check Availability

Hi Bob,
There may not be a problem. The scope of check is defined by the combination of availability checking group and the checking rule (as per transaction OVZ9). What I understand from your posts is that you changed the availability checking group on a number of materials, right? Now the checking rule is hardcoded in the transaction (A for order, B for delivery). So the question is: when determining the scope of check at delivery creation, does the system use the combination of the previous check group + B or the current check group + B? I have never changed a material's availability checking group whilst open orders existed, so have never tested it. Could you mimic a delivery creation and see which scope of check is used? I'd be curious...
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