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Let us take an example to understand intercompany sales better. Suppose there are two company codes namely 1000 and 2000. A customer may place an order for goods in sales organization belonging to company code 3000. However, the goods may be manufactured by a delivering plant belonging the company code 1000. A sales order is created indicating delivering plant of company code 1000. The sales organization then invoices the customer for the materials purchased. SAP R/3 automatically creates an intercompany billing document at the same time as the customer's billing document is created. This intercompany invoice is sent from the delivering plant to the selling sales organization.

As a rule of thumb, when dealing with different company codes, one may find a need to transfer stock between two different company codes. However, if the stock be transferred within the same company code, there is no need for an intercompany transaction. But in case the stock is transferred between different company codes, a transfer of value occurs and is an intercompany sale.

With third party order, you don't have a delivery in your SAP system, obviously you need to do an order related inter-company billing.


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In the processing of third party, while processing the sales order for a customer, a PR is created at the background, which triggers the POrder. Based on the POrder, the vendor supplies the goods to the customer and bills the company. The company in turn bills the customer.

In the processing of interco. a dummy cust. is created for the ordering c.code, which places an order and the goods are again shipped to the customer.

Why can't the same process be applied for Intercompany sales? The process of Third party and intercompany are similar, except for the intercompany billing. Why cannot we have a Purchase Org. from ordering co. ordering the supplying company and why the dummy customer?

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