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Posted by Fatima
on Dec 15 at 2:34 AM
Dear all,
I guess I'm not making myself understanding.
Indeed, I as mentioned previously, I had to create the accruals retroactively since I had already created invoices before I created the agreement.

I cannot use transaction VBOF since this can only be used on the new rebate functionality. I'm using the old rebate functionaly and therefore I must use transaction VOB3 to create the retroactive accruals.
Since this program (RV15B002) creates one single sales document to create all the pending accruals (related to those invoices created before the agreement),
The total amount of the generated accrual was, for sure, calculated by suming the individual potential accrual of each one of the invoices.
My question is:
Where can I find in the system the individual values per invoice that were considered to get to the final accrued amount of 17, each of those invoices contributed to an individual value and the system sums the values of those 17.200,00€?
I need to create a report that gives the details of the 17.200,00€ by invoice.

Invoice 1 contributed with 200,00
Invoice 2 contributed with 7.000,00
Invoice 3 contributed with 10.000,00

My goal is to find a table or a function module where I can find this information.
Hope now is clear.

Kind regards

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From: Fatima
Sent: Wednesday, December 14, 2011 7:16 AM
Subject: Rebate Corrections

Hi gurus,

When we need to create a Rebate Correction for example to include Invoices that were created before the Agreement, VBO3 transaction creates the corresponding Rebate Correction.

Is there any table where we can find which invoices the Rebate Correction relates to?


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