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Reply from adrianolopez on Dec 23 at 2:19 PM
Think about your flight in airplanes. You accrue points without any agreement with the air companies. For every dollar you purchase from airlines, you accrue certain percentage based on the club you join. And now you want to utilize your points to buy another ticket.

Completely agree with Rajan. Dealers buy goods free of cost to them but their dollar accrual is deducted by the price of the goods. We have ABAP report here to show which customers accrued what amount. Now need to figure how to account for accrual spending.

P.S. I highly respect SAP and don't want to deform it as far as possible.

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From: Adriano Lopez
Sent: Tuesday, December 20, 2011 6:51 PM
Subject: Order that Should be Fully Paid from Accruals not Related with SAP Rebates

Here we make accruals on sales.
1) Our accrual process has nothing to do with SAP rebates process.
2) We just make two types of accruals from sales order and throw them into two GLs.

Now we want to utilize those accrual amount to create sales orders free of charge to the customers. The price of material should deduct the accrual amount.

Any opinion on the process?

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