Re: [sap-log-sd] PGI Automatically the Moment idoc is Posted

Reply from hovering_yogi on Dec 23 at 12:04 PM
I don't have system access right now so I can't answer all your questions.

However are you sure you got the idoc message structure correct when you
added the pgi qualifier as well? Was e1edl24 charg also populated properly?
What error did you receive?

Does your z function module not just call idoc_input_delvry to do the

I would imagine that getting the idoc right with all the required fields
(and it is pretty picky everything is right, apologies for the
unintentional pun) you will be able to be successful in getting things

Of course if it's a global FM you need to change to add the pgi segment in
the required circumstances that might be altogether a little more fun
politically to achieve.

Will have systems access again soon so if you can clarify what the error is
especially as well as what sap version and what message version of the
delvyr** idoc I might be able to do some more digging.

If you just cannot make progress on the idoc route (which I really feel
makes the most sense and would implore you to keep trying for a bit) then
the first response on this article might be of interest to you but I've
never tried it so can't vouch for it 100%... 47

Best of luck

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From: Pamela79 Pilch
Sent: Thursday, December 22, 2011 11:13 AM
Subject: PGI Automatically the Moment idoc is Posted

Hello Stephen,

1) we are using a Z inbound function module attached with process code in SAP. It was developed for some other reason too but we need to re-use it as per global template guidelines. This FM is doing picking with idoc carrying PIC as qualifier.

Now we want to do PGI by the same incoming idoc. Even I have added PGI qualifier in addition to PIC in inbound idoc, the idoc still is not able to do PGI. It fails with addition of PGI qualifier in add to PIC qualf,

so we need to place a code in our inbound Z FM for idoc to do PGI with inbound idoc having PGI as qualifier too.

Can you please tell which routine we need to use or which structures we need to use to trigger PGI after the?

Also is there a way out to do PGI even if our inbound idoc contains only PIC qualifier and not PGI qualifier? If yes, which routine, etc. to call?


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