RE:[sap-log-sd] Not More than 1000 Entries Allowed in Partner Functions Assignment - VD02

Posted by Radna12
on Dec 7 at 5:25 AM
Thanks Naughty. We solved issue related to reporting.

Now, I have another issue related to max. 1000 entries under VD02 (program SAPMF02D) related to SP-SH part. fun. assignment. We actually have the customer entry (SP part.f.) that has more than 1000 PoS-es (SH part. func.) and we are limited by the restriction of max. 1000 entries allowed.

Is there any other way how to assign more than 1000 SH entries to a single SP entry?

Thanks in advance,

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Subject: Not More than 1000 Entries Allowed in Partner Functions Assignment - VD02

Dear All,

I need assistance regarding number of possible entries (not possible more than 1000 entries for part. fun. SH) on 'Partner functions' tab (STCODE: VD02, Program SAPMF02D, Screen nr. 7000, system message F2699).
We have more than 1000 entries within that assignment and it is obvious that system does not allow more than 1000 entries (as system suggests we should delete older/inactive entries to enable place for new entries).
My question is following - if we delete older entries from that assignment would it still be possible to track relation between SP (sold-to-party) and SH (ship-to-party) in the system – for reporting purposes for example. I am aware that master data of SH part. funct. will not be deleted but still question remains how to fetch for example history data for certain SH entry and connected to SP entry if no actual assignment under stcode VD02 exists.

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