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Posted by peteruiz
on Dec 7 at 4:56 PM
For sales order schedule line information try VBEP table but I do not see "created on date" in that table. But it should show you the current Schedule Line Delivery Date; EDATU field, and confirmed qty BMENG field. I am not aware of a vanilla report.


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Subject: MTO-Scenario SD Report

I am working in MTO scenario. I have a requirement for a report. It is as follows.
"Sales order no.", "Item No.", "material code", "order quantity", "invoiced quantity", "balance quantity", "Stock against the balance quantity", "shipping type".

The selection criteria will be the customer no. (KUNNR - Sold to party), Sales order No. & Sales Order Date.

The report should take into account the updates of the schedule lines of the sales order so that when the distributor runs this report he will get an idea of the current day's work.

Is there any standard SAP SD report for this requirement? If not then which table should I refer to create a "Z" report. I am not finding the table "MSEG" that useful.

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