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Hi ChrisO,

Thank you for your post!

You are suggesting to first create a quotation and then create a sales order. The underlying concept is to first create a schedule line category which is NOT activated for Transfer of requirements and then - in the sales order - the schedule line category which is activated for Transfer of requirements. Is my understanding correct?

Would my previous suggestion - of creating a sales order and changing the schedule line category (from default to ZZ and then back to default, at relevant stages) - be less work, than creating two documents quotation and then a sales order?

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The planning horizon is a configuration set up. T-code OMDX or menu path IMG (T-code SPRO) > Material Requirements Planning > Planning > MRP Calculation > Define Planning Horizon. It's common to have a planning horizon of about 3 months. Ours is set at 100 workdays.

On further consideration, I think that in the specific case here the quotation is a safer option. If you put the sales order with a date just beyond the planning horizon, time may go by such that the sales order becomes 'active' from an MRP point of view (when you might not want it to) as the requirement date of the sales order comes within the planning horizon.


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