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Hi Suresh,

Thanks for this interesting question!

According to my understanding - from your post - SAP has given two concepts: blocking and transfer of requirements. Blocking an order is NOT connected with transfer of requirements. Blocking is part of the sales process. Even if sale of an order is blocked, the company would want to manufacture or procure the material; so that when the block is removed the material is available to be shipped to the customer.

I would suggest create a schedule line category (ZZ) with deactivation of field transfer of requirements in VOV6. In the sales order if user donot want the transfer of requirements then change the schedule line category manually from default to the new one (e.g. ZZ). When user unblocks the sales order, again he/she goes and manually changes the schedule line category from ZZ to the default one.

Please give your comments.

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Subject: Block the Order from MRP

Hi Guru

We currently have credit blocks on a sales order. They are either a block 25 or a CR block.
But neither block actually blocks the order from MRP. We can still buy parts and manufacture.

How to block so that we can use on orders that will stop them from processing until it is removed?


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