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Posted by Typewriter
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Hi saps,

From your example the number of free goods for 1000EA should be ZERO. As the number of goods are not more than the minimum quantity.

There are two concepts here -
1. Minimum quantity
2. Calculation rule

1. Minimum quantity from your example is 1000. What that means is that ONLY when the number of units in the sales order are greater than 1000, free goods SHALL be applicable. e.g. 1001, 2000, 10250 etc.

2. Calculation rule - Please read the theory of this.

3 types of calculation rule -
- Rule 1: Pro rata
- Rule 2: Unit reference to units
- Rule 3: Whole units

In sales order number of units is 1010 EA.
For every 1000 EA, 10 EA are free

Free goods for various rules are as follows -
Rule 1 - 1010 X (10/1000) = 10.1 = 10EA
Rule 2 - 1000 X (10/1000) = 10EA
Rule 3 - 0EA

I would suggest you to have the concept clear.
In the free goods condition records, please press F1 and find out more about each field.

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I was just referring to the best practices.

(w.r.t. _ERP605_EN_US.htm)

"It was stated that:

If you sell 1,000 EA of material H11 the system splits the sales order automatically into two items. The first item contains 980 EA, the second one 20 EA. The customer only has to pay for the first item.
The following logic is applied:
For a sales order item with quantity > 1000 EA the customer gets 10 EA free for every 500 EA.
Sales order item 999 = No free goods
Sales order item 1000 = 10 EA free
Sales order item 2000 = 40 EA free."

In case the customer orders for 1000 pieces, then the free goods should be 20 and not 10 right? Please confirm

Thanks and regards,

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