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Please check my following posting which is also useful to make the backorder discussion complete.

Bill has nicely explained the t-code V-V2 which is used in backorder rescheduling.

For testing:
Suppose you have material X - 10 units.
Create sales order for 15 units.
Check schedule line it should say 10 units confirmed in normal scenario.
Do MB1C for material X for 20 units movement type 561 ---very generic scenario.

Run t-code V_V2 for material X. Uncheck simulation. Backorder rescheduling is done.

Go back to the sales order. You will see that Remaining 5 units are also confirmed.

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Could you please explain back order with an example? Also please explain back order processing.

I have searched the internet but still I am not very clear on this concept.

Thank you!

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