Re: [sap-log-sd] Service Item - Schedule Line Category

Posted by Iscariot
on Dec 13 at 4:07 AM
Yes you will need a MM record. You wont have to worry about the accounting
or costing views nor MRP etc.

The sales view will need to be maintained for your plant and Sales Org.
Ensure that the right Item cat group is used to determine the text
category. I usually use LEIS for order related billing. Or NORM for
delivery related billing.

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Subject: Service Item - Schedule Line Category

Hi Gavin,

Many thanks for this comprehensive post! I shall do some tests and come back to you, if needbe.

One question - For text item, do we create a MMR? What settings do we pay attention to during the creation of MMR in MM01? (different from a "standard" material)

ps - I too have marked your post as helpful

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