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Reply from sridharan_rajagopalan on Dec 29 at 10:56 AM

There seems to be no standard solution in rebate in SAP for your scenario.

You want to maintain scale basis for two parameters viz., weight and period.

Combination of standard configuration and customized routine may achieve
this. You can try the scale basis based on formula and scale formula in the
rebate condition type.


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From: CharlesNT
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Subject: Rebate Agreement in System

I am planning to implement Rebate agreement in our system.
There is a scenario that one customer is calculated in over lapse period,
One for quarterly period and another in annually period.
For example, sales for customer A will have rebate 2.5% for minimum 300 tonages/quarter, but if one achieves 1200 tonages/year, there will be another rebate 1.5%.
Such scenario, is it possible using standard rebate in SAP?

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