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Posted by sarat
on Dec 12 at 2:06 PM
Hello Mr Typewriter,

SDF is designed for damaged good which doesn't need to be returned. However, we can use this process for goods that are returned and customer doesnt want a credit note. After the returns delivery we create an SDF with reference to the sales order. We have not faced any issues because we have proper checks in place and require authorizations. You can give it a try and see.

Your inputs will be most appreciated.

Warm regards,

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Hi Sarat,

Thank you for your post!

With an objective of discussing with you about your post, standard configuration SDF (subsequent delivery free) are when the goods are NOT returned from the customer to the company. i.e. Reason for rejection is a mandatory condition in the RE for SDF to be created with reference to this RE.

In the initial post, the goods have to be brought back to the company and repaired. Could you please explain your post in more detail?

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