Re: [sap-log-sd] Configuration Set Up for Billing in Foreign Currency in SAP

Reply from meeyanna24 on Dec 20 at 10:09 AM
There are 3 types of exchanges, M, G and B .Normally M is set being average of currency fluctuation.B- bank selling rate and G? is Bank buying rate .The exchange rate is simplified in SAP by defining a base currency" for each of these rate types. We must define the translation rate between each of the currencies in the table and the base currency for each type and system takes care of rest to convert from one currency to other.


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Subject: Configuration Set Up for Billing in Foreign Currency in SAP

sorry the currency field is in the Customer Master Record -- > Sales Area
Data -- >Sales Tab --- > Sales order information
not in the Billing tab as i mentioned in my previous post. I regret for the


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