Re: [sap-log-sd] Configuration Set Up for Billing in Foreign Currency in SAP

Reply from sridharan_rajagopalan on Dec 19 at 8:40 AM

The system proposes the document currency from the customer master record
of the sold-to party-in the Billing Tab-in the Sales Area Data. You can
change the currency manually in the document. If you change the currency,
the system recalculates prices for the entire document.

This setting will ensure that the sales document is calculated and
displayed with the customer currency,but the account postings in FI is
posted in the company code currency of your company.


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Subject: Configuration Set Up for Billing in Foreign Currency in SAP

Currently my company only bills in US dollars. We received a request from a customer to bill them in Canadian Dollars. Does anyone know any good resources that cover all the set-up/configuration needed for this? I find bits and pieces in my research, however I would like a thorough explanation so that we can decide how difficult it is to go forth. Thank you.

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