[sap-log-sd] 'No Account is Specified in Item 0000001003'

Posted by Rakesh_Roshan_Rout
on Nov 9 at 1:15 AM
When I tried to release the invoice its show the below error:
No account is specified in item 0000001003
Message no. F5670
No account was specified for account type "S" in item "0000001003" of the FI/CO document.
System Response
The Financial Accounting program cannot process the document.
A system error has probably occurred in the application you called up. Check the data transferred to item "0000001003" of the FI/CO document.
This Error is comes only in institutional customers.
Sir please help to solve this error. I also check in (vf03 - Environment - Acct. det. analy)
(in vkoa) everything is ok I dont understand whats the problem.
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