[sap-log-sd] MEB4 - Rebate Settlement Errors

Posted by svetlanasunny
on Nov 12 at 11:29 AM
Hello gurus,
When I run MEB4 - rebate settlement I got the following errors:
-E 611 Acct determination for AG1 with keys not defined in ch/acts
-E 236 Error messages generated during billing document check run
-E 147 Account determination for entry **** AG1 not possible
-E 043 Error in account determination for account key AG1. However I have maintained OBYC already for CoA and transaction AG1 using: - valuation modificator equal to the valuation class - Account, Posting keys are 89 - debit and 99- credit. I've tried with Transactions B01 and B02 and I always get the same message Error 147 Account determination for entry **** B01 not possible during MEB4. Please advise what could be the issue and what is still missing!
Thanks and regards.
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