[sap-log-sd] Can the Restricted Stock Type Status be Reverenced without Using Batch Management?

Posted by GMathison (Systems Analyst)
on Nov 29 at 12:27 PM

With respect to restricted stock my understanding is this is referenced by Batch Management which we do not use nor wish to. However we are looking for an additional status such as restricted stock status to move stock into. Can any advise if this is as simple as just defining a new movement type to transfer stock in /out or whether there are any further consequences / implications to consider? Also I have read that it is possible to reference such stock directly via sales transactions if required?
The reason we wish to do this this is to remove an amount of stock from normal use [ATP] but allow it still to be referenced if specifically required. We cannot easily create new storage locations as this has ramifications with a third party Ware-House Managment System. Any help would be gratefully received.
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