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Hi Syamala,

Thank you for your EXCELLENT post! I enjoyed reading and testing your point :)
I have marked your post as helpful.

Please read and test based on Syamala's post.

To conclude there are two benefits of filling condition type in OVKK
1. It is displayed in the sales order
2. If the value of that condition type has to be changed, then it can be directly done in the initial page of the sales order, at line item level, as explained by Syamala.

A business example could be that Material discount (K004) varies for a customer per sales order. In the morning material discount is 10Euros per EA, in the evening - just before market close - the discount is 100Euros per EA.
Then in OVKK, in field Condition type one can set it as K004.

And in VA01, user can change the value of K004 from 10 to 100 to anything, in the initial page itself, he/she does not have to go to Tab Conditions.

One important point is that in copy control, the pricing type must not be B (redetermine pricing or carry out new pricing) as then the change made by the user in VA01 shall again be undone.

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Hi Mr. Typewriter,

I have checked it out again. When we enter PR00 in OVKK after pricing procedure in 'CTYPE' Column, we can enter the amount PR00 in the overview screen of the sales order; ie. If we did not enter any price condition record in VK11 for PR00, then instead of going to conditions tab in item screen. We can directly enter the amount in the sales order.

After we enter customer no. then we enter the item no. and material no. After that we press enter and then we can enter the amount in the amount column near batch n ctype columns. I have tried it out again and could even post the screens. In case you would like to check them out, please let me know if I can mail you the screenshot, both before and after the changes. Kindly let me know.

Thanks n kind regards,

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