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The "active / main" pricing condition type is usually filled in the field Condition type in OVKK, adjacent to a pricing procedure. E.g. PR00.

This Condition type (e.g. PR00) then populates automatically in the sales order (in VA01) in field CnTy at item level, on the initial page. This gives the user or order entry staff what is the main or active pricing condition type.

Suppose, for a particular process e.g. Rush order, where business decides that the price of a material shall be higher (ZPR0) than the price of a material for normal OTC process (PR00); thus with configuration you do NOT to have PR00 in the pricing procedure for rush order process but have ZPR0 as your active pricing condition type, you can fill this in field Condition type in OVKK. By this the order entry staff can clearly know, in the initial page itself that ZPR0 is the active pricing condition type (in this order) and not PR00.

You can also choose to fill in any condition type in field Condition Type in OVKK e.g. K004, then that shall be populated in the sales order.

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In OVKK pricing determination we do the assignment of Sales Area+Cust. Pric. Proc.+Doc.Pric to the Pric. Proc. and also there is a another field Condition type i.e. PR00.

Please clarify me what is the purpose of maintaining PR00 and its effects?

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