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If you have created that field (customer field) in your field catalog; after that there are two basic steps -

1. Configuration -
Create the relevant condition table, with this field. Put the condition table in the access sequence (at the correct sequence / order). Assign the access sequence to the discount condition type.
Make sure that this condition type is in your pricing procedure.

2. Create condition record –
In VK11 fill in the value for condition record e.g. customized field = 01 for partner function ZX, then discount = 10%

Create sales order and test for the discount value.

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Subject: Use Custom Field from Different Partner Function in Pricing

I have a scenario where I need to use a custom field for pricing from a different partner function in pricing.

Basically I have a sales discount that is dependent on a custom field in a particular partner function (ZX) in the sales order. So the discount will only be granted if the custom field has a value of say 01 and that the partner function must be ZX.
If the conditions are met then the discount must be applied in the sales order.
My question is how or do I proceed? I have added the custom field to the field catalog and am now not sure at what point must I fetch the field from the ZX partner function.

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