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Posted by Typewriter
on Nov 2 at 4:49 AM
Hi sgupta17sap,

Is this a Header or line condition? This you can also check in V/06, Tab Changes which can be made, fields Header condition, Item condition.

If this is item condition, I have tested this issue (see earlier posts), I donot find any problems.

I would suggest you to test this functionality with standard condition type K029 material pricing group, by creating the same intervals and values. If it works OK, then you might have to focus on the Calculation type you are selecting (Formula) and the Scale (Number of shipping units).

Good luck!

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From: sgupta17sap
Sent: Tuesday, November 01, 2011 6:03 PM
Subject: Scale Pricing doesnt Update

Here is my issue -
When I enter an order
and double-click on line item and go to conditions to check the price
It picks up the first value which is $88.00 where as it should pick up second line as the size is 2.4 which is 72.00.

In conditions when I click on update twice then it gets the right value (not once.)

Material Variant
60013382 V006SRTF
Valid on 12/06/2010 ScaleBasis G Scale based on a formula
Valid to 12/31/9999 Check None
S Scale quantity UoMRate Unit per UoM

0 88.00 USD 1EA
2.100 72.00
4.100 64.00
6.100 57.00

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