RE:[sap-log-sd] Partially Save PGI for Outbound Delivery

Posted by siva janu (SAP Consultant)
on Nov 21 at 12:52 AM
Thanks for the response. Basically they want to confirm the 120 line items want to send the first vehicle, later on they will confirm the remaining line items.
Issue is you cant to do the partial PGI, so you have to wait still the remaining line items to be confirmed. For that the first vehicle have to wait still the PGI is finished.

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Subject: Partially Save PGI for Outbound Delivery

Hi Siva,

From my understanding in standard functionality user cannot do PGI if - in delivery - the Delivery quantity is NOT equal to picked quantity.

What user can do is save the delivery and then go back in to it to pick the rest of the line items and after picking "completely" then PGI can be done.

Why do you want to do PGI for 120 items (some of the line items) before the rest of the line items? How much gap in time is there between partial pick up and full pick up?

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